15 September - 20 October 2017
Teatro La Fenice - Sale Apollinee
Martino Zanetti

Martino Zanetti

I was born on 4 February 1944, a memorable birth due to it taking place during a raid by the allied forces, in the office of my grandfather, a lawyer in the centre of the city of Turin.

From my mother and father I inherited the physical and intellectual legacy of Venetian merchants and artists, numerous on both sides of the family, plus a fighting spirit.

As a young boy in 1950 and 1955, in Burano at the Ex Tempore, I can vividly recall Bruno Saetti, Vincenzo Guidi, the sculptor Carmelo Conte and names from literature such as Carlo Bo, Silvio Branzi… all together in the Barbaro family’s restaurant in Burano.

My colours


March 2017, enamels and acrylics on jute canvas mounted on wood, 600x120 cm


First Collection

Second Collection

Works in black and white